Elder War (Kindle and ePub)
Elder War (Kindle and ePub)
Elder War (Kindle and ePub)
Elder War (Kindle and ePub)
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Elder War (Kindle and ePub)

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Book 5 in the Lunara Station series

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About this eBook:

"Read this series. It's fun."

"A great conclusion to a wonderful series."


The epic conclusion to the Lunara Station series!

Lenah and the crew of the Star Rambler have been fighting to even humanity’s odds against the Cava Dara for months, but even so, they are facing an impossible battle.

And then Lenah makes an incredible discovery. The Elders, an ancient race of Cassidians and powerful mages, are alive!

But will they fight alongside humanity against their old enemy? And will they do so without asking for a price no one can give?

Strap in, because the Elder War is coming…


"This book was packed full of action. I couldn't put it down!"

"Fantastic read!"

"I loved the entire five book series."

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Enjoy a sample from ELDER WAR

The following sample contains spoilers for prior books. If you're new to the Lunara Station series, start here.


A loud knock on the Star Ramblers outer hatch interrupted her.

Lenah frowned at the time on her wristpiece. Barely six in the morning. “Maybe Thuat couldnt sleep either,” she said as she turned back into the cargo hold.

“Is that Thuat?” Persia asked between two fast breaths and made her way to open the hatch.

Cassius jumped after her, stopping Persia by grabbing her arm. “Theres no one breathing out there,” he hissed. He turned to Lenah.

Lenah closed her eyes, concentrating on the bright power that shone inside of her. She pulled at some of it, sending a small probe of mind magic toward the hatch. Cassius was right. With her magic, Lenah should be able to see any mind outside, but there was nothing there.

Another knock, even louder this time, rang through the silent ship.

“I dont see any minds,” Lenah whispered.

Cassius moved into position on the other side of the hatch.

“Penelope, get Mormt and go into the cockpit to check the external cameras.” Lenah didnt like asking the young Stryker for help, but she wasnt sure how much of a fighter she was and wanted to keep Persia, Cassius, and Martello with her.

To her relief, Penelope moved up the corridor without complaint and vanished through the hatch.

Lenah tiptoed toward Cassius.

“Open,” a crisp voice spoke.

Lenah froze. She had never heard that voice before.

“I have identified you as the suspect Lenah Callo to be taken into custody by CPL Corp for freeing multiple prisoners from asteroid mine 14.556.”

Lenah suppressed a groan. This was Martius Buntuss doing? How had he even found out Lenah was alive and back from Saltoc? Apart from Thuat Jones, who had received them with open arms on Juans World, they had contacted no one. And they had decided to keep it that way after he had told Lenah about an arrest warrant being placed on her head.

Before Lenah could decide on an answer, a mind walked into her area of influence outside.

“What is this?” Thuat Jones demanded. “Who are you?”

“You are Thuat Jones, the leader of this world,” the voice still sounded strangely cold, slightly out of rhythm. “Step back, this has nothing to do with the people you govern.”

“Its an android,” Lenah whispered, and Persia nodded.

But Cassius shook his head. They’re at least four, judging by the footsteps I just heard.”

“Four?” Persia gasped, a little too loud.

Lenah lifted a finger to her lips, but Cassius said. “They can hear our every word. Android hearing is even better than cyborg implants.”

“This is my planet,” Thuats voice drifted inside. “You can tell Martius Buntus he will have to go through me if he wants to make an arrest in the spaceport of my capital.”

“Negative,” the android answered. “UPL has the right to make arrests in any domain.”

“UPL, certainly,” Thuat said. “But you and your three android colleagues came on a CPL shuttle and are wearing CPL uniforms.”

Something rustled. “This is a UPL-signed arrest warrant,” the android said.

“Lets see,Thuat answered.

Silence fell outside, in which Lenah could hear her every breath.

“Seems legitimate,” Thuat finally said. “It looks like it extends your authority to Juans World. If this ship were to take off right now and leave this world, then you would no longer be able to arrest them legally. However, I ask you to come with me right now and explain how Martius Buntus thinks he can interfere with the politics of the Last Inhabited Worlds.

Lenahs head snapped up at his words. He wants us to leave right now. While hes buying us time. She was about to move, but Cassius held her back with a lifted hand and gestured to wait.

“I was sent on a mission, and I will complete my mission,” the android said without emotion. “You will not distract me.” Another knock sounded on the hatch. “Open, Lenah Callo, or I will force entry into this ship.”

Lenah wondered if it was always the same one speaking or if they were several identical models with the same voice.

“I will follow my instructions,” it said now as if Thuat was stepping closer to hinder them.

“Yes, fine.” Thuat sounded disgruntled. “In that case, I will make my way back to my own ship and start my tasks of the day.”

“Yes, Thuat Jones,” the android said, indifferently. Lenah heard a mechanical sound, like a tool being extended. Something clanked against the hatch.

That was her cue. She turned around and sprinted up the corridor toward the cockpit.