Mage Farm (Kindle and ePub)
Mage Farm (Kindle and ePub)
Mage Farm (Kindle and ePub)
Mage Farm (Kindle and ePub)
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Mage Farm (Kindle and ePub)

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Book 2 in the Lunara Station series

New to the Lunara Station series? Start here.

About this eBook:

"The Saga continues!"

"Loving the character development!"

How far would you go to save the galaxy?
The Mapstone’s secret has been uncovered, but alerting the authorities only lands Lenah and her crew a night in prison. All hope that the United Planetary Legion could be an ally seems lost.

To avoid humanity’s annihilation, Lenah resorts to a desperate plan: her father’s mage farm must be destroyed. It comes in handy to have an ex-smuggler on board who knows all about illegal explosives. But plans are easier made than executed, and if Lenah fails, millions could die…

Mage Farm is the second novel in the action-packed Lunara Station series. If you like breathtaking fight scenes, quirky side-kicks, and a hint of magic, then you’ll love Clara Woods’ edge-of-your-seat story.

"A great second!"

"This was fun on a Firefly scale."

"Congratulations to Clara Woods for this series. It’s difficult to find such an interesting and exciting author who not only writes intelligently but also provides top rated plots, characters and excitement in the stories. "

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Enjoy a sample from MAGE FARM

The following sample contains spoilers for book 1, Star Relic. If you're new to the Lunara Station series, start here.

Lenah smoothed the surface of her black jacket. The shoulder was torn open where a laser had grazed her a few weeks earlier, and the smuggler ship hadn’t come with any sewing equipment. All she had been able to do, was wash out most of the bloodstains. She had even cleaned her shoes. Nothing like a first impression.

“You cleaned up nicely. Haven’t seen you look like this since the cyborg whisked us away on this adventure,” Persia remarked, turning away from the view window. Her own boyishly short haircut had been growing out, and her attempts to brush it back failed more and more every day. At least, the ex-gladiator hadn’t brought her hammer this time. It tended to call attention in public places, a fact that Persia seemed utterly oblivious to. Though Lenah had to admit that it had come in handy several times already.

Lenah evened her hair and was about to answer when Cassius walked in. He had Corinna, their hostage of almost two weeks, thrown over his shoulder and easily held on to her with his cyborg arm. Only three weeks ago, it had been Lenah and Persia being his hostages, and now Lenah counted herself lucky that she’d never been carried upside down over his shoulder like a sack of rice. Corinna’s head hung limply next to his hip, bobbing sideways with each of his steps and coming perilously close to the wall of the Star Rambler’s corridor. She was still unconscious and should stay like that for a while longer; a necessary precaution. No one wanted an enemy mind mage influencing people on their ship. Without the drugs, Corinna could have influenced them to do her bidding, and Lenah wasn’t strong enough to counteract Corinna’s power easily. She’d only won with some luck back on Masis III.

A man in a white politician’s caftan walked toward the ship, visible through the one small window in the hatch. Taking a deep breath, Lenah thumbed the hatch’s button, and the Star Rambler opened to UPL station’s landing bay. She stepped out first, followed by Doctor Lund.

“Greetings, Lenah Callo,” the white-robed man said with a smile. “Welcome to UPL station. I hope you had a pleasant flight.”

“Very good, thank you.” At least for the past ten days, that was true. “We come here to fulfill Run 118,” Lenah continued, referring to the codeword that had been specified in the posting for the Mapstone. Lenah felt its weight in her pocket and couldn’t wait to exchange it for the hefty sum of one million CGC.

“Understood.” The man nodded. “We have been waiting for you.”

That took Lenah aback. She hadn’t announced that she would be coming with the stone. Forcefully, the queasy feeling in her stomach was back. Wherever they went, it seemed that someone was already expecting them.

The man’s focus suddenly shifted to somewhere behind Lenah, and she turned to see Cassius walk out with Corinna still draped over his shoulder. His c-nano arm glittered in the bright light of the landing bay, and, combined with his tall build, he was the walking image of cyborg strength in his prime.

Let’s hope that intimidates them at least a little bit, Lenah thought, glad he was there with them. She doubted they could quickly exchange the stone for one million CGC and leave again. There would be questions. But maybe there would be fewer questions with a cyborg looming by their side.

Lenah also had her mind magic, an advantage she wouldn’t hesitate to use if it got them out of some difficult questioning.

“We also bring you this woman.” She pointed toward Corinna. “She was in charge of an illegal plundering mission on Masis III. She wanted to keep the Mapstone for herself. Corinna Cheung of Cheung Corp.”

Lenah had expected that to cause a reaction from the man. Unlike Starwide Research, Cheung Corp was a corporation recognized by UPL, and Corinna was a corporate leader known all over the galaxy. But the man’s face stayed expressionless.

Cassius’s eyes met Lenah’s, and she could see her own worry reflected in his gaze.

“Very well, let’s get you settled. Ambassador Dreistein wants to meet you.” The UPL man snapped his hand and turned around, quickly vanishing out of the hangar’s hatch. Lenah looked at Doctor Lund, who shrugged at her. She followed the man, grasping the stone in her pocket as the Star Rambler vanished out of sight.

They walked through large, white hallways for several silent minutes. In the beginning, they met other groups of people who were either walking or driving on small hovering stands to their destinations, but after a while, they were alone.

“Where are you taking us?” Lenah asked the man, suspicion once more rising within her. “You said we are going to meet the ambassador?”

“Yes,” he said, sounding bored and not even turning around. “We’re almost there.”

They continued like this for another thirty seconds, until the man finally stopped in the middle of the corridor. “Here we are.” He turned around, an expression of pity on his face. A second later, his image became blurry as dozens of laser beams stood between him and Lenah.

“Back, it’s a trap,” Lenah yelled, whirling around. She bolted back the way they had come, but an identical grid of laser beams was blocking their way. Lenah turned to the UPL man again. “You will explain. Are you taking us as prisoners?” She reached out with her senses to touch his mind. Why hadn’t she done so before? This was no place for high moral ground; this was a place to make use of any advantage you could.

Now she had to convince him to shut down the lasers. Or, if it wasn’t him accessing the control, to relay the order to do so. But she couldn’t see anything. Usually, if she concentrated on it, minds started to become visible to her as a cloudy aura wrapped around a person. There was nothing there. Only the laser beams.

Lenah spun, scanning her group and looking for the familiar minds of Persia or Cassius. She felt nothing. What the stars had just happened to her mind magic?

“That’s not in my power to share,” the man answered Lenah’s earlier question. “Please excuse me, I’m only following instructions: to keep you and your group contained under high security.” He nodded as if that was an apology. “I wasn’t lying about your meeting with the ambassador. When he’s ready, he’ll come to speak to you.” With that, he turned and walked away, quickly vanishing behind a hatch that lead out of the corridor.

“Shit!” Lenah couldn’t keep back her frustration—about UPL, for being such crooks when they were going to have to save humanity, or about herself, for having walked so easily into the trap.

“Shit,” Persia echoed her. “Now what?”

Lenah stepped carefully up to the laser barrier with the intention of inspecting it further, when the section of the floor they were standing on suddenly moved downward like an elevator cart.