Mind Mage (Kindle and ePub)
Mind Mage (Kindle and ePub)
Mind Mage (Kindle and ePub)
Mind Mage (Kindle and ePub)
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Mind Mage (Kindle and ePub)

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Book 3 in the Lunara Station series

New to the Lunara Station series? Start here.

About this eBook:

"I was hooked by the time I hit page two."

"Hold on it's going to be a wild ride."

Two mages. Dark secrets. An ancient evil.

Her home planet is saved, but the Cava Dara are still coming. Lenah’s only chance to prevent further deaths is to become a better mind mage, and what better place for that than the Guild. If its location just wasn’t top secret.

To get access, Lenah promises to transport the rescued mages home, but the passengers turn out to be untrustworthy. Imprisoned on their own ship, and crash-landed on a hostile planet, the crew of the Star Rambler is in no position to save the galaxy.

When Lenah discovers that her ancestry is not what she expected it to be, she seeks to unearth the truth about her power. And pays a high price…

Mind Mage is the third novel in the Lunara Station series, a space opera saga brimming with mystery. If you like futuristic worlds, deadly foes, and epic adventures, then you’ll love Clara Woods’ action-packed third installment.

"Great series of books! "

"I can't wait for book 4. I just get sucked into the story and can't put it down."

"You won't regret your time spent! Patiently waiting for the next... And the next…"

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Enjoy a sample from MIND MAGE

The following sample contains spoilers for prior books. If you're new to the Lunara Station series, start here

Lenah awoke to whispered conversation. The words Bartoc and Muha Dara drifted into her consciousness, but the identity of the voices filtered through to her muddy brain before the content could. Uz and Doctor Lund were talking to each other again! She smiled. Even in her state of exhaustion that felt like great news.

Why was she so exhausted, though? With effort, Lenah blinked open one eyelid and after several seconds her sight cleared enough to focus on the room around her. She was still on the Star Rambler but in the engineering room. Judging by the bars, she was also inside the prison cells. A groan escaped Lenah at the realization, and her memories came back with a flash.

Uz’s face appeared in her field of vision. “Lenah?” she whispered so Lenah could barely hear it. Lenah tried to nod but wasn’t sure she succeeded. She felt groggy, hungry, and angry. They’d imprisoned her on her own ship. All because she was trying to get them home. But at least Uz and Lund seemed to have ended their fight.

“You’re talking to Lunnnd ‘gain,” Lenah slurred, trying to form the words with her stiff lips. They felt cracked. “Thas good.”

Uz’s forehead wrinkled as if that was not what she wanted to talk about right now. Then she nodded. A moment later, her head vanished out of sight.

Lenah sat up slowly. The blurriness she felt in her head was getting better by the second. Her eyes took a moment to adjust to the half-dark. She looked around, seeing that she was sharing the middle cell with Uz. Doctor Lund and Persia occupied the right cell. Corinna, Zyrakath, and Cassius the left one. Corinna seemed unconscious, so did Cassius.

“What’s wrong with them?” Lenah asked.

“They’ve been tranq’ed. Just like you.” Uz leaned closer to Lenah. “Stay quiet, or someone will be back and give you another dose.”

“We still in space?” she whispered.

Uz nodded. Lenah took a deep breath, trying to gather her thoughts. She touched the side of her neck, feeling it raw from several injections. “How long was I out?”

“Almost five days,” Uz said.

“What? And we haven’t arrived?” That meant they weren’t on course to Galtaca. It also explained why Lenah felt so miserable, dehydrated, and hungry. Stars, they’d kept her unconscious for almost a full week without giving her a single break. Just like you did with Corinna, a small voice in her head argued.

Uz patted her on the shoulder. “The ship buckled a few hours ago as if we’d left the warp bubble. Without a window or view screen, it’s hard to know for sure.”

Lenah moaned. “That Lulu better know how to fly.”

Neither Uz nor Doctor Lund answered. Looking between them, Lenah remembered the conversation she’d interrupted when waking up. “What were you talking about just now?”

Uz pinched the bridge of her nose. “We were wondering how there can be a Bartoc version of the Muha Dara and, at the same time, Bartoc still living.”

Lenah rubbed her chin, unsure what Uz meant.

Uz continued. “They were the Cava Dara’s victims twelve thousand years ago. Unlike the Syrr or the Elder Cassidians, the Bartoc weren’t wiped out.”

Slowly, Lenah nodded, understanding dawning on her. “You think they might have found a way to stop the attacks?”

Uz lifted her palms. “Otherwise, they wouldn’t live.”

“And what did they do?”

“That’s what we’re wondering about.”

Lenah frowned, trying to assemble her meager knowledge about the Bartoc. “They rule the Saltoc sector with an iron hand. No other sentient species lives independently or even goes to visit. They’re smart, and it’s suspected they can read each other’s minds.”

“Not mind-reading,” Doctor Lund said. “I heard it’s a hive culture.”

“It is suspected that they are a hive culture now, but they weren’t always,” Zyrakath said from the neighboring cell, his tone sounding condescending as ever. Lenah almost smiled at the familiarity.

“What does that mean?” Uz asked the drone, but she seemed intrigued, not annoyed. Apparently, her curiosity had temporarily won out over her generally short patience with Zyrakath. She even crawled toward his cell where he was hovering in midair. Whoever had imprisoned them hadn’t let him keep his detached leg that’d he’d been clutching ever since getting it shot off. Thank the stars, he didn’t seem to need it, given he preferred to use his wings.

Zyrakath regarded Uz, his lips twitching downward several times before he answered. “That about fifteen thousand of your Cassidian years ago, the Bartoc became an isolated race. This change of their very nature coincides with the time that they started to gain control over the whole sector, expatriating everyone who was not content to live under their rule, establishing firm systems to control themselves and everyone else.”

“Hmm,” Uz and Doctor Lund said at the same time.

Lenah, however, felt an amassing confusion. Beyond mere speculation, what did any of this have to do with their current situation? Her head started pounding as if protesting it being used for complex thoughts mere minutes after waking up from several days of unconsciousness.

Uz gave her another pat on the shoulder but was distracted when Corinna stirred in her cell. They all turned, and even Zyrakath hovered closer.

“Not again,” Corinna murmured as she sat up. She did so a lot more graciously than Lenah had, with the ease of someone experienced in becoming fully capable after waking up from a hefty dose of tranquilizer drugs. Lenah felt guilty again. “How long?”, Corinna asked.

“Five days,” Zyrakath repeated for her.

“Just great. Not Galtaca, I’m guessing.” She didn’t seem to expect an answer, not looking at any of them or intonating it as a question.

Lenah answered, nonetheless. “Definitely not. Now I almost wish you were flying the Rambler and not some mage called Lulu whose sole credential is seeing her dad fly a ship when she was six years old.”

Corinna frowned at her. She’d already been unconscious when Mage Sureika discussed this part of her plan. As if to amplify Lenah’s words, the ship suddenly jolted sideways so hard that grav control could not catch them. Collectively, they smashed into the bars.