Your FREE Copy of Star Relic (Kindle and ePub)
Your FREE Copy of Star Relic (Kindle and ePub)
Your FREE Copy of Star Relic (Kindle and ePub)
Your FREE Copy of Star Relic (Kindle and ePub)
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Your FREE Copy of Star Relic (Kindle and ePub)

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Book 1 in the Lunara Station series

About this eBook:

"This book had great characters, a great story, and a happy ending."

"Old junk is the best junk, this was a great read."

There hasn’t been a war in centuries.

Humanity conquered the stars. While some have achieved great riches, most barely scrape by. An ancient prophecy currently in the hands of a renegade pilot will change it all.

Lenah lost everything in one night.

She used to be a wealthy business woman with the gift to control what others think. 

Until her father started to keep secrets. A carefully crafted plan to uncover his lies fails when smugglers almost kill Lenah in her own house.

With her gift mysteriously failing, she escapes by stealing the smuggler’s old ship. Things only get worse when a cyborg on a personal mission snatches her craft and kidnaps Lenah. 

Forced to fly to a dubious planet, Lenah discovers an artifact on board that could unleash galactic catastrophe. As a chase for the artifact’s secret begins, can Lenah and the cyborg work together and take down a powerful evil to protect humanity? 

Star Relic is the first book in an action-packed space opera series. If you like futuristic worlds, fascinating characters, and extraordinary quests, then you’ll love Clara Woods’ world-spanning saga. 


"This book was packed full of action. I couldn't put it down!"

"This was fun on a Firefly scale."

"Amazingly good series."

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Enjoy a sample from STAR RELIC


These are my last moments alive, and there is so little time left, the princess thought as she turned on the recording device and began to speak.

“If you see this, please use it to do better than I did, than we did. I want to warn you: whoever you are, no matter what race you are, don’t repeat our mistakes. These monsters are out there right now because we have taken the wrong path. My father, the king, has taken the wrong path.

“He becomes stronger, more enhanced, with every soul he ingests. His intellect grows with every passing day, and no one, not even his own daughter, can compete with his intelligence. As you have seen in the memories I have stored on this device, everyone, down to the last innocent Syrr soul, is now paying the price.

“They are here, and we are powerless. Whoever you are, don’t repeat our mistakes. Remember the Syrr. My people. My dead people.”

The princess took a deep breath and carefully removed the disk from the recording device. After making her way to the center of the room, she inserted the disk into a terminal and grasped the stone that would become her future and legacy.

The building shook, alerting her to how little time she had left before they would come for her.

But they wouldn’t find her. There would only be an empty body. And the stone, of course, filled with the carefully chosen memories she had recorded. A fraction of her soul would survive and help someone else do better.

The building shook again, and a few stones in the tall, domed ceiling above broke loose. With trembling hands, the princess dropped the stone into its slot in the terminal. She took one last long breath before encasing the stone with both hands.

The princess was bathed in bright light as the first winged creature entered the building from above.

Her last thoughts were of hope.

Chapter 1

Lenah Callo shifted uncomfortably in her chair, wishing she could finally get up and leave the party. She wanted to begin the more exciting part of the evening. Sitting next to her, the representative of Astur Horizons Capital nodded eagerly at a comment that her father had made, but that Lenah had already forgotten.

“Indeed,” her father said. "My daughter has a special taste when it comes to interior design. If she could, she’d have her rooms decorated like the insides of a spaceship, pilot’s chair and all.”

The investor joined his polite smile, then leaned forward. Her father continued, “She’d probably even move into a spaceship in the parking lot of the mansion, if I let her.”

Lenah forced her lips into a smile, tired of the conversation. Her affection for spaceships was one of her father’s favorite funny stories, one that he never missed telling. He called it her little endearing quirk that would make business partners more inclined to invest in their company, only she didn’t find the joke particularly amusing. She had never understood why flying spaceships was a job reserved for members outside the families. Members of the corporate families let lowly pilots fly them, therefore making her an eccentric weirdo.

She peered over to the woman who was sitting next to her father at the other end of the table. Corinna Cheung, the person Lenah admired most in the world, had made one of her rare public appearances tonight.

One day, Lenah was going to be like her: a corporate woman who piloted through space in her free time, all because she could, social conventions be damned. If you were Corinna Cheung, no one laughed about your quirks. In fact, people looked up to you for having them.

“My father lacks understanding. He couldn’t survive long, given there’s little space for a wine cellar on a ship.” Lenah motioned toward their two full wine glasses on the table, one for each of the desserts they had finished. The Callo mansion was famous for the excellent and abundant quantities of various wines at its feasts.

“Ah, you’ve got me now. Don’t we all have our own weaknesses?” Her father gave her an almost invisible nod with those words.

Her sign.